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Discussion in 'Market Rules' started by BlackStopGrief, Aug 23, 2018.

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    BlackStopGrief Market Rules:

    - Do not advertise your product/service on another member’s thread.

    - Do not offer to buy/sell any product/service in the inappropriate category.

    - Do not offer to buy/sell an item or service you do not intend to provide/pay for.

    - Do not bid anything you're not committed to paying. Retracting bids is allowed only at the seller's discretion.

    - Do not start an auction-style thread without specifying a reasonable auction end date.

    - Do not ask for vouch copies on a thread unless the author specifically states that they are offering vouch copies. Send a PM instead.

    - Do not private message a member asking for a vouch copy if they’ve stated there are none available.

    - Do not attempt to sell... Plugins, Pre-Made Servers/Builds, Pre-Made Configurations, xenforo addons, or anything else that should be avaliable for FREE in the resources section.
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