Here a list of all Resources you can't upload on this website:

Supporter Only Plugin List:

ProdigyGadget Diamond
Crucial AntiCheat
Industrial MC
Survival Games
MyItems [Premium]
GWEN Anti-Cheat
Skywars Leak
ProPractice 6
CloudBot x TeamSpeak3
Fiona Anticheat
Boss - Unbelivable Custom Mobs


Blacklisted Plugins: (YOU CANNOT POST THESE)

  • MiniaturePets by NacOJerk
  • CrackShotPlus By DeeCaaD
  • SurvivalMechanics By DeeCaaD
  • Anything created by xQuickGlare
  • Anything created by Numixe
  • Anything created by GhastB
  • Anything created by RhalisX99

This list will continuously be updated for future uses..

BlackStopGrief Market Rules:

- Do not advertise your product/service on another member’s thread.

- Do not offer to buy/sell any product/service in the inappropriate category.

- Do not offer to buy/sell an item or service you do not intend to provide/pay for.

- Do not bid anything you're not committed to paying. Retracting bids is allowed only at the seller's discretion.

- Do not start an auction-style thread without specifying a reasonable auction end date.

- Do not ask for vouch copies on a thread unless the author specifically states that they are offering vouch copies. Send a PM instead.

- Do not private message a member asking for a vouch copy if they’ve stated there are none available.

- Do not attempt to sell... Plugins, Pre-Made Servers/Builds, Pre-Made Configurations, xenforo addons, or anything else that should be avaliable for FREE in the resources section.
Terms of Service BlackStopGrief (BSG, We, Our, Us):

Warning: We are not responsible for the content uploaded on the forum, to request a resource removal email us at [email protected], write us on Discord Conversary#4574, we reserve us the right to not take down a resource if the file is hosted on an external webserver (Ex. MEGA, MediaFire).

1. The regulation here is valid for any person registered in the forum and must be respected by anyone without exceptions.
2. The regulation can change at any time. BSG is not responsible for the contents of the Forum. Every user is morally and criminally responsible for his actions on the Forum.
3. The staff reserves all permission to ban any user even if vip.
4. The staff reserves the right to remove any paid package.
5. The staff reserves the right to remove any discussion.
6. In the event of a change of regulation, the discussions posted with an obsolete regulation will be carried out within 1 day.
7. It seems to be banned in case of insults, racism, profanity or in other cases under the decision of the current staff.
8. Every purchase is equivalent to a donation. By registering or inserting this website Accept the PRIVACY (1).

Resource Section Rules:

1. It is forbidden to upload / sell * harmful resources to the forum or the buyer.
2. It is forbidden to upload resources with hidden functions such as someone's OP or other functions like RAT.
3. Transgressors are punished according to the infraction and the gravity.
4. It is forbidden to upload files that collect information about users as long as it is not specified with an attached privacy.
5. BlackStopGrief is not responsible for the content uploaded on the forum, each user is responsible for his actions legally, morally and criminally.
6. Loaded the first 5 resources the user has added the Leaker tag and access to the Leaker Forum.

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